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[FINISHED] Scheduled Maintenance! 12/11/21


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To ensure the best gaming experience, Our Servers will be closed for a Scheduled Maintenance.
During the maintenance, our players will not be able to login to the game. Details will be available in our Forum.

Date: Dez 11, 2021
Time: 23:30PM to 00:30AM [UTC -3] (approx. 60 minutes or may extend as necessary)

- Gemstone Drop Update
- Personal Shop Bundle fix
- Mini Game Ball and Cows fix
- Earring Enhanced LevelUP fix
- Bound Bless of Light Exp Master fix
- Mini Game MuRummy X3 fix
- Nars Boss Fix
- Cubera\Atlans Abyss\Deep Dungeon Monster Monster DMG Min\Max Original KOR Update
- Ferea Boss Effect fix
- Spots Update: Ferea, Atlans Abyss 1~3 , Deep Dungeon 1, Scorched Canyon
- Pet collect zen Fix
- Chaos Machine Wings Zen calc fix
- MysteriousStone Fix
- Offattack SkillDistance Fix
- Chaos Machine Lochs Magic Solution KM Cape Support
- Set Magic Flare\Noble Pixie activated to create Hero Soul
- Item move Ware\Inventory\Character DC AntHack Fix
- Cursed Santa Event ON
- Santa Village NPC Event ON
- Ribbon Box Drop ON
- Antihack Update !
- Personal Shop Security Update
- Gremory Case Security Update
- Party Bonus Update

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Att. Staff MUDevastation

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